Balıkesir Atatürk City Hospital

Our hospital has 196.500-meter square closed area and provides a wide range of service in the medical field from surgery to rehabilitation, cardiology and dermatology with its experienced and qualified staffs. Besides our specialist physicians, we welcome patients with pleasant nurses and other health professions who are consisted of 1476 staffs.

Our hospital was constructed by smart building architectural model. It has been run by automation system suited to new technologies with its mechanical infrastructure. All qualifications in its architectural planed patients to get convenient health care service. It has 512 patient rooms, 206 polyclinics, 39 patient lounges, 19 intensive care units, 2 mother hotel, 33 operating rooms, 1 burn unite, 8 isolated patient rooms and 9 SDL rooms. Wide, stylish and refreshing patient rooms are reminiscent cozy hotel room. Patients can benefit from tv in rooms equipped with LCD screen. In addition to any kind of comfort of modern life that the patient and their relatives may need, high-quality meal service is also supplied. It wide and enough closed and open parking lot for all staffs and patients. Transportation system with golf vehicle service is provided from the entrance of the hospital for the elderly or disabled. Patient reception, guidance accompaniment, reception comprehensive transportation services are provided.

It has 256 single-rooms designed to meet all needs of our patients. We have offered a comfortable atmosphere in our hospital not only our patients but also their relatives accompanied them. Foodservice to patient room carries out in regard to the health situation of patients under control of dietician. Carefully selected, healthy and delicious foods are serviced to patient rooms as breakfast, lunch and dinner for patient's relatives.