Patient's Rights

The basis of patients' rights is put forward in the Treaty of Lisbon. The Treaty, valid in all EU countries, is mainly related to a physician-patient relationship. We have to implement this Treaty and some fundamental rights as defined in the Treaty are as follows:

  1. To get qualified professional treatment, without discrimination against gender, religious faith, nationality, ethnicity and country of origin or race. 
  2. To get suitable and considerate treatment, which provides for your dignity and privacy along whole medical treatment process. 
  3. Right to halt or refuse treatment and withdraw consent
  4. To be informed about your condition, the treatment suggested to you, the risks and side effects involved in it, and possible alternative treatments
  5. Your consent - after having wide the explanation and reading provided to you - is a precondition for getting any medical treatment. 
  6. To get information from your medical record, invoices, and so on
  7. To know that hospital employees are committed to maintain the confidentiality of your medical information. 
  8. To right to have guests and companion and to welcome visitors during visitation hours as determined rules. 
  9. Under circumstances and conditions You don't have enough conscious,To appoint a representative who is certified to concede in your name to receiving medical treatment,  
  10. To want the hospital's full cooperation should you require to be transferred to another medical institution.