Medical Travel Guide

Turkey is one of the world’s leading destinations for healthcare, welcoming patients all over the world. With experienced and skillful health care professions and state-of-the-art medical technologies Turkey has been preferred all across the world for international patients. Turkey has already experienced tourism sector and one of the most diverse tourism destinations such as sun and beach tourism, cultural tourism, gastronomy tourism, health tourism and so on, thus we know very well how to host our guests.

Communication will never become a barrier during your stay. If you need an interpreter, we will prepare his/her prior to your arrival. International Patient Department arranges in free of charge in the following languages: English and Arabic.

If you are international patients and want to be treated in our hospital, you are in right place and you can keep track of the process below.

  1. Contact us our web site or other communication methods and write down about your ailment and if you have diagnostic test result about your disease, send us.
  2. We evaluate your disease and complaint by consulting related physicians and then we back you about your situation. We inform you how to be treated your disease and complaint and what process we follow to be treated your disease.
  3. If you approve processes we recommended, we give you an appointment to the related physician and of course this will be suited to your time. You can choose your appointment time.
  4. We can easily handle other arrangements for your convenience, such as planning flight time and ticket, accommodation, transportation and so on.
  5.  We, as an International Patient Department, welcome you in our hospital sincerely and direct you with our accompaniment to related service you will be treated. During your stay, we comply with your care plan as we mentioned before. Having been completed your treatment, we finished all procedures about you and give you whole related certification and documents with regard to processes what we do about your treatment.

Feel free to contact us and send us an inquiry about your mind.

All of our international patients can register their complaints, suggestions and requests in their native language to our hospitals or call centres of the Ministry of Health by calling 0 850 288 38 38

If they wish to seek their legal rights, international patients can litigate in the courts of Turkey with ease

All of our doctors have mandatory occupational insurance for immediate compensation payment to patients in case of any medical error or malpractice.

Our hospital is operational in accordance with the national accreditation criteria and is officially inspected twice a year.