Data About Medical Torism in Turkey

According to statistica, Turkey is afforable and top medical tourism destination (Turkey has serveced % 50-65 cheaper healthcare serveces than U.S.), and it has also state-of-the- art medical technology and good capable of health professions. Turkey has supplied one of the best healthcare serveses all around the world with its gifted healtcare professions and advanced infrastructure. (Source:

Medical tourism has become a booming sector in Turkey, with 700,000 people visiting the country last year (2017), According Istanbul International Health Tourism Association (ISTUSAD).

Turkey expects 850,000 visitors for medical tourism in 2018; [the figure] may approach a million.” Turkey provides better quality treatment at lower costs when compared to Europe, the U.S. and other western countries. Turkey’s health quarters highlighted that  Turkey patients’ waiting time was a maximum of two weeks excluding transplantation, but this process could reach 18 months in western countries.

Visitors come to Turkey mostly from Europe, Russia, Turkic republics and Gulf countries.

 Turkey was ranked third in medical tourism by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ). The U.S. was the first and South Korea the second in the list, while Thailand was the fourth and Germany fifth. (source: 

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